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Thread: Rear Parking Light Lenses Sought

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    Rear Parking Light Lenses Sought

    I need a pair of these lenses. They are noted in the parts books as either 68570-50 and 68570-62. When I search these part numbers I get a totally different looking lens. Anyone have these laying around ? The whole lamp would be fine as well. I have lamps but one is an engraved lettering and one is a raised lettering. Both are marked 501. The lamp is part number 68508-64. Pics below with one sketch. Sorry for the blurry pics and distorted sketch. Thanks Paps

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    Re: Rear Parking Light Lenses Sought

    Ck in generic auto parts. Those lights are not H-D parts. Likely added by a department for auxiliary lighting. All the factory PD stuff is Guide.
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    Re: Rear Parking Light Lenses Sought

    That is what I thought Robbie but the parts books show my lamps as they truly are.

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    Re: Rear Parking Light Lenses Sought

    Here they are in the 1958-73 servicar parts book.

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    Re: Rear Parking Light Lenses Sought

    It appears the MoCo may have deviated from Guide on this one Robbie, and out sourced the lamp elsewhere.
    1951 to 1961 servicar parts book listing for this lamp

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    Re: Rear Parking Light Lenses Sought

    My old Chicago servi had them...I thought they were guide....gave them away years ago & they were stolen a week later

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    Re: Rear Parking Light Lenses Sought

    Look to the far right of the picture near the box. The large lamp is exactly like mine and it come out of the Harley Davidson NOS OEM parts box it is sitting on top of. Note the 4 screw lens on the lamp. All the parts shown in the pic are NOS OEM.

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