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Thread: 1965-1969 interprimary for knuckle/pan

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    Re: 1965-1969 interprimary for knuckle/pan

    I am putting an electric foot on my new Knucklehead bobber build
    What happened to the 36EL1004 build ?
    I am losing faith here, may have to get my own.

    I am also using the much shorted Hitachi starter motor so it won't
    Much shorted ? Did sparks fly ? Hope you are ok, I want to see the 36EL1004 build.

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    Re: 1965-1969 interprimary for knuckle/pan

    Quote Originally Posted by 1950panhead View Post
    I want to see the 36EL1004 build.
    You won't see anything until I get parts back from the painter. It will be a long term project.
    Chris Haynes
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    Be sure to register so you can view large photos

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    Re: 1965-1969 interprimary for knuckle/pan

    thanks for the info chris, i,m running a paughco knuckle frame, with std cases, but with tapered shaft. on the lining up the shaft offset i was wanting to use a belt set up i have . i asked a local builder about using a 2"-3" belt pulley on the front to replace the 1 1/2" pulley, which then could have the end machined down to the length you needed,once set up to figure where this would be, if needed

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    Re: 1965-1969 interprimary for knuckle/pan

    My friend Ross has a 1964 Pan and is using 1966 inner and outer primary covers with an electric starter. Not a problem if you find a competent machinist/mechanic to do the job.

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    Re: 1965-1969 interprimary for knuckle/pan

    I have observed several Pans the last year or so running e start conversions using the tin primary cover. The conversions didn't seem to have the starter motor to clutch drum alignment problems I noticed some years ago.

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