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Thread: Army 741b

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    Army 741b

    My 741b army Indian is about to be brought back to life after sitting 20 years. I have some work to do on the top end, tanks to fix, rear sprocket and tires. Bound to find some other things needing attention..


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    Re: Army 741b

    Will follow your progress for sure.

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    Re: Army 741b

    Please remove the white star and put a proper NZ number on it once repaired and much more correct.

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    Re: Army 741b

    As uncovered in storage. Last ridden 1998. Getting excited!!

    Tires flat , likely perished.

    Suffered a bit of corrosion

    According to previous owner (faint) army numbers are painted on saddle bags... If these could be deciphered, I could paint them on the tank. Question is were they the same number as on tank or where they a bag number?

    Today I washed and cleaned the barrels. Also cleaned up the valve spring collars. NOS intake valves coming from Canada.

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    Re: Army 741b

    Is that corrosion on the primary case or has something been spilled on the case.
    741 Bobber Scout - one to ride
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    Re: Army 741b

    Corrosion. Wishing I'd sprayed some oil over it all them years ago. The tanks and barrels were elsewhere, in drier storage.

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    Re: Army 741b

    Love those bloody walls!

    Good luck with it.
    Looking forward to following along.

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    Re: Army 741b

    Nice looking project!

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    Re: Army 741b

    Nice one!!! Jealous! ;-)

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    Re: Army 741b

    try a photo in windows paint , invert the colors so its a negative . you might see the faint numbers or just copy steve mcqueens numbers .

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