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    VL Roller

    I am going to put my parts together and build a VL roller for sale. It won't have fenders or an engine. Will start soon and post as I go. The frame had on nicely done repair to the bottom left rear leg and was done in my frame jig and is nice and straight as you can see. Frame was painted and returned to the jig. About to remove it and start adding parts soon. Seadub

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    Did you build the frame fixture?

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    Re: VL Roller

    Quote Originally Posted by Charles.L.Pitts View Post
    Did you build the frame fixture?
    No, bought it from my old frame guy that had a brain hemorhage(sp?) and it is for sale. A member here has first dibs on it. I do not need it anymore. I am about done w/it. Nice fixture. Has several axle plate fixtures. Seadub

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