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Thread: Senior Personal ads.

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    Senior Personal ads.

    So there is this 75 yr. old woman that is looking to start dating again. She goes and places an ad in the personal section of the paper that read;

    Looking for gentleman around my age that won't run around on me, beat on me and is also still good in bed.

    The following day unexpectedly her doorbell rings.

    She opens the door and a good looking guy around her age is in a wheelchair however has no arms of legs.

    She exclaims "You have no legs". He responds that he can't run around on her then.

    She says "You have no arms!". He responds I can't beat you then.

    She says "And you are good in bed??". He responds, Rang the bell didn't I??

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    Re: Senior Personal ads.

    Good one !

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    Re: Senior Personal ads.

    Ha !!! That's great!!

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