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  1. v-tronic relay

    I was experiencing trouble with a Delco cut-out relay, that being that when I revved the motor the generator light would come on. Other than that, it seemed to work as it was supposed to, but because I had never seen this before, I decided to try an electronic relay. Installed it, but didn't get to take the bike out for a spin for about a week. Went to start it last week, and the battery was dead. Put another battery in it, waited a couple days, and the 2nd battery also got drained. I had the mechanical relay in the bike for about a month with no adverse effect on the battery. Anybody, any thoughts on this? the bike is a '38 UL bobber with a newly rebuilt stock 3 brush generator, stock wiring, dash, dash lights, etc.

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    Re: v-tronic relay

    I've have a couple electronic cut outs in use and they required the generator to be converted to 2 brush.

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    Re: v-tronic relay

    I ran an electronic relay on my 3 brush 56 for years with no problems. When I converted to 2 brush, I used an electronic regulator. This made for more stable voltage and allowed the use of a modern sealed battery.

    56 FL ABS(front only)

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