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Thread: Tapered fin JL cylinders needed

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    Tapered fin JL cylinders needed

    I'm looking fo a good set of tapered fin, 61" JL cylinders for a bottom end that I have. Can pay $ or have LOTS of Harley JD parts to trade. How about a swap for a set of 29 only 74" cylinders?
    PM or email me.
    Mark Masa

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    Re: Tapered fin JL cylinders needed

    It would be easier to find Hilary's emails. I bought one and over paid for it. You'll find a pair of fh cylinders before you find jl/jh cylinders. If you can live with the internal differences. That's the way to go. Problem is the last set i saw for sale was $9,500.(jim d. in Buffalo) Maybe Stuart in oz will do a run

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    Re: Tapered fin JL cylinders needed

    They can't be that rare. I've had several sets go through my hand over the years but never planned on doing a JL so....
    Heindsight = 20/20
    Stuart from JD jugs does make tapered fin 61" Ricardo cylinders and that's an option too. Just trying to use OEM parts if possible.

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    Hello Mark
    I might be able to help You. I got a set laying somewhere, think they are ricardo cylinders.
    I´ll find them and take some photos and mesurements.

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    Re: Tapered fin JL cylinders needed

    Thanks Tom
    Do you have my email address?
    If not, you can find it in the contact section at

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