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    Re: Army 741b

    Found the tails of the split pin sitting inside the case. It was from the chain link. I note of the other split pin, both tails had been rolled in the same direction. I did wonder if old ones were re-used and were a bit 2nd hand because of it.
    The tensioner one is OK.
    I'd say I got lucky. I hadn't planned to pull the primary. Only I heard a "tink" sound as the piece feel into the plastic oil catch container.
    Are there any traps I should know about re these split pins??

    Paps. Yes when ridges are bad you can catch your fingernail on them. It was the 70's the last time I used a ridge remover tool. In this case I can't even feel a ridge let alone catch a nail. Possibly I should have honed a bit more out of these bores...

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    Re: Army 741b

    TA DA !! Congrats !!

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    Re: Army 741b

    After all the registration licensing and roadworthy checks were completed I decided a celebration would be fitting. I parked alongside this big old gun at NZ Returned Services Association..

    More on the appropriate blog below..

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    Re: Army 741b

    Looks beautiful, well done.

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    Re: Army 741b

    Double ditto !!! Real Nice !!

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    Re: Army 741b

    The bike was going just in time for Armistice weekend at Karapiro, Cambridge, NZ. I received free admission to the event because I brought along a military vehicle. Was a good day and fascinating to see the tanks, jeeps, halftracks and guns etc on display. There was a wide range of activities plus a market with all manner of militaria for sale.

    3 more photos from Armistice on Indian741b blog below..

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