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Thread: Army 741b

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    Re: Army 741b

    Steve McQueen wasn't a Kiwi....

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    Re: Army 741b

    Thanks for the encouragement. I hope you guys are finding this interesting.
    Tried using M.S.Paint to get a negative image. Very good idea. Spooky. I wasn't able to positively identify the number almost as if there's more than one number. Perhaps it's been repainted with a different number at some stage. Will try again, maybe the other bag.

    No work on the bike today. The time was spent getting the shed extended as a place to house the project. Monday I will get the roller door mounted. After that finish cladding the walls. Then the bike gets brought out of its' storage.

    The NOS intake valves from Canada are now marked as shipped. Estimated delivery Sep 13 - Oct 9. No tracking.

    Here's a pic of the bike from around 1993...

    I started a Blog just for this bike build. Extra photos, details and information will be there as a permanent record.
    741b military Indian Blog

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    Re: Army 741b

    The NOS intake valves turned up. They are in grease paper believed to be c1940's. Funnily we were far more interested in studying the vintage grease wrapping than the valves themselves.

    The bike was pulled from the storage container today..

    More pics and info on my Military 741 Indian blog

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    Re: Army 741b

    There is nothing boring about your restoration. I love admiring the cosmoline preservative as well. There is nothing like nos oem parts.

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    Re: Army 741b

    Paps, quite right, NOS OEM stuff is so hard to beat.

    Am glad you're not bored with my restoration. Fact is I'm quite excited about it too. I'm doing things to it I wanted to do 20 -25years ago. Hindsight is a wonderful thing but I wish I'd picked up more parts while they were there and available. I'm documenting the rebuild in detail.

    Good progress has been made these last couple of days.
    The rear wheel is out and tire removed.
    Rim and hub look good.
    One broken spoke.
    Brake linings good.
    Chain very worn. Rear sprocket badly worn.
    Issues with the seat have been sorted.
    Heads soda blasted.
    Found most all of the loose parts incl new rings, gaskets and circlips.
    Cleaned rust/corrosion off engine/primary.
    Horn assembled so it wasn't upside down.
    Other things I can't remember at the moment...

    Tomorrow I'll make a list of all the tasks I need to do. I work much better from a list. Cross items off as I go. A list often gets longer before it gets shorter but that's the nature of it.

    Dismantled horn to assemble it so Indian name reads right way up...

    Primary cover scrubbed up well considering the state of it..

    Up to 15 posts with pics now on my 741b blog. Adding more daily: Military 741 Indian blog
    Hope this is interesting.

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    Re: Army 741b

    Making progress. Feeling excited..

    New rings,valves and intake guides.

    More of the story...

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    Re: Army 741b

    That one cylinder appears to need ridge reamed unless I see an optical illusion.

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    Re: Army 741b

    More progress. Spent the whole day on it.
    I'll have to pop the primary cover because a small split pin/cotter dropped out when draining oil. Only thing I can think of is weren't the primary chains joiners using these? Best I inspect before it grenades itself.

    Cylinder ridge looks worse than it is. Rust pitting is bad further down.

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    Re: Army 741b

    Quote Originally Posted by Excalibur View Post
    I'll have to pop the primary cover because a small split pin/cotter dropped out when draining oil. Only thing I can think of is weren't the primary chains joiners using these? Best I inspect before it grenades itself.
    Pretty sure the chain tensioner shoe has a pin with a cotter pin in it, good idea to take a look in there! Nice project!
    1946 Chief - take apart and put back together
    101 Scout - building stage

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    Re: Army 741b

    I mentioned the ridge because ridges have been known to break rings,

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