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Thread: 1965 Panhead Tanks

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    1965 Panhead Tanks

    Is there a template out there for getting the correct location of the color scheme for the 1965 Panhead tanks?

    Going to be starting on my 65 this Fall and trying to get my ducks lined up ahead of time so I do not end up at a stand still with the paint. I would like to use the same painter that did my 49 sheetmetal but to my knowledge he has never done a paint set for 1965 models.

    Any help or leads appreciated.

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    Re: 1965 Panhead Tanks

    I can't help with a template but I do know that 3.5 gal tanks are different from 5 gal tanks.

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    Re: 1965 Panhead Tanks

    Mine are 5

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    Re: 1965 Panhead Tanks

    one of the toughest ones to get correct

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    Re: 1965 Panhead Tanks

    I'm no painter nor do I profess to be one. One thing I've noticed about 65's is they seem to be a very simple pattern to replicate. Boy, I'll tell you that when seeing 65's out there if it isn't right you can spot it a mile away. The slightest dip, position of the transition lines/curves or pinstripe for some reason, you can spot it right away. Good luck and hope it turns out well.

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