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Thread: Clutch Hub Nut Shaft

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    Re: Clutch Hub Nut Shaft

    This is a set that has worked well for me.

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    Re: Clutch Hub Nut Shaft

    If you dropped it hard enough to flatten the threads you may have also bent it.
    Chris Haynes
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    The threads are not very hard. A small three corner file will clean them easily.

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    Re: Clutch Hub Nut Shaft

    I'm with Chris,easy to bend

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    Re: Clutch Hub Nut Shaft

    Quote Originally Posted by VPH-D View Post
    I have used a thread file in the past to fix up boogered threads on the mainshaft.
    When I was in college, I worked at a bike shop and made lots of money w/my thread files. Seadub

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