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Thread: Look what followed me home from Opotiki!

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    The short double head Schrader gauge with US Property ordnance stamp markings on it is the correct issued one!
    The longer ones are for jeeps, trucks and aircraft.
    If you have the TM9-879 Harley technical manual October 18 1943 there is a picture of it in the manual.
    Good luck on a tool roll project, I known guys working on the large late war rolls for years as some of them tools are very hard to find. The early 42wla rolls are a little easier to assemble as not as many tools in them early kits but the original pouch is tough to find also the late as well.
    I know a guy that might be selling a partial late war set 1943.
    I have both the early and late original tool roll kits complete in my collection with the tire pumps and clamps as well.

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    Re: Look what followed me home from Opotiki!

    Thanks for that, can you tell me how long the correct gauge is?

    As an aside, I noted this one on Ebay.

    Someone cut it down to look like the correct one for a WLA. I imagine that removed all the Jeep and other military vehicle owners from the purchaser pool.



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