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Thread: Not Another WLA!

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    Not Another WLA!

    Hello everyone,

    This WLA has popped up on a local sell site here in NZ. I've contacted the seller to go have a look on Sunday. I'm not hung up on a bit of re-pop and will reserve judgement on the story until I have seen the documents.

    Anyone feel like critiquing it for me. Tool box, horn, scabbard, seat are things that jump out at me but I'm not the expert I wish I was. I will pay attention to the numbers and post if I can.

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    Re: Not Another WLA!

    Repop speedometer

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    Re: Not Another WLA!

    No expert either but from what I can see
    I don't think it's a 1942 or it's got a lot of incorrect parts on it. Russian bikes also had 19" wheels or rears not sure.
    Although I think it's a type V or later as it's keyless ignition but there's no data plate and unsure of many differences between V-VII. Type V early style data plate and VI/VII later stye.
    Front fender is correct and hard to find.
    Incorrect gas cap, reproduction speedo (not unusual), wiring has been messed with, Air filter rubber/clamps look wrong and carb inlet bolts also look wrong. Not sure about the horn but looks battered. Speedometer cable in wrong place, Muffler civilian type? Looks like it has a blackout generator cut-out which is correct.
    It's obviously got a lot of history based on the description and what you can see.

    If possible get the engine and case numbers to date it.

    A great WLA information resource can be found here -
    And lend lease WLA's here -

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