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Thread: Davenport 2018 parts list

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    Davenport 2018 parts list

    I'm sure this list will grow exponentially

    48 panhead valve covers

    complete star hub in original paint

    Big twin oil tank for the 48'
    1947 EL
    1948 FL Project
    1947WL Project

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    Re: Davenport 2018 parts list

    Great thread, Tomcat.

    D-Day would like to find a matching numbers 42WLA engine if someone is looking to move one (for a spare/future full possible resto).
    If anyone has something, shoot me a PM.

    (I am planning on being there on Thurs, and hopefully will be able to hang around for some of Friday, but still trying to figure it out).

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    Re: Davenport 2018 parts list

    1935RL rear chain guard? ?? One year only.
    Thanks Rudy

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    Re: Davenport 2018 parts list

    Looking for:

    Delco-Remy nine-bolt horn (Model 16) for a 41 FL I think the Harley part number was 4801-36.
    OEM Mechanical rear brake drum for a 41 FL #4028-37 (new#41400-37) and OEM backing plate #4036-37 type 2 (new #41650-37)
    Cycle-Ray Headlamp for a 1941 FL (two wire sockets, "Guide" written in script)
    Cycle-Ray headlight lens for a 1941 FL ("TOP" written in serif, mold number after "pend." on the bottom edge

    please contact me if you have any of these! Thanks, Sam

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