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Thread: Gasgacinch - Gasket Sealer

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    Gasgacinch - Gasket Sealer

    What (if anything) do you guys use for gasket "assistance"?

    Working on my WLA, and I recently pulled the cam cover.
    I was a bit skeptical that a new gasket would do the job, as I thought the surfaces looked a bit suspect (small scrapes here-and-there).

    I used Gasgacinch to help the James gasket and all surfaces, as I saw Tatro uses it on all of his gaskets, so thought it would be the one to try.

    After a week, there is absolutely no sign of any leaking.
    Pretty pleased.

    What do the rest of you guys use (if anything)?

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    Re: Gasgacinch - Gasket Sealer

    Indian Head shellac but I have used Gasgacinch in the past and really liked it. Don't get it on your chrome though.

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