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    Not much of an Old Iron member , donít have a Harley or Indian and havenít even had a bike on the road in 25 years. I did have a 60 panhead once ,a rolling basket case that you counted the parts that were still good as it was the lesser number. I built that up to a really pretty machine. Before that I had a little Triumph chopper that I put a Harley springer on.
    When I started having children I had to part with the big expensive Panhead but I did keep the Triumph and the springer. That is what brought me here was looking for information on big twin springers. I may not have an old Harley but I love them and have a bunch of pieces of them. Still have plans for that Triumph after all these years.

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    Welcome Detroit23, glad you got here. Some folks here with similar stories. Feel free to post a picture of the Triumph project. Even though this is the Classic American Iron Forum lots of folks here own other stuff as well.
    Here is a little Triumph chopper with a Harley front end I built back in 72/73.

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