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Thread: 1942 knuckle on Ebay

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    1942 knuckle on Ebay

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    Re: 1942 knuckle on Ebay

    That's some funny shit right there.....

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    Re: 1942 knuckle on Ebay

    Sometimes I think he has a scam going. Offer these on eBay, show a price of $200,000 with reserve not meet. Then sell them privately in Japan. While is the USA claim they were stolen. Use all your eBay records for insurance values and collect on a policy.

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  5. Re: 1942 knuckle on Ebay

    I don't understand the lengthy descriptions and something has always been disassembled and not put back together. I mean, just sell the damn bike, why take things off then post pictures that contradict your description blah, blah, blah. Strange fellow for sure.
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    Re: 1942 knuckle on Ebay

    Even stranger is the bid history. Shot up very high very quick just in the first 2 days. From my experience, real players don’t jump in and drive it up until the end.

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    Re: 1942 knuckle on Ebay

    $300...$300...$300...$300..both bidders doing $ doesn't work like that.When I talked to him about the '40 that he had a 40K sign hanging on it.I said that it cost more than that to buy a basket & have a good restorer go thru it.I told him to double his price or he would be single handedly holding back the prices on knucks, OP & restored.He is not money stupid.He has figured out to buy a couple at big money to drive the values up on the ones he already owned.You don't have to like the guy to work with him to drive the values up.I checked NADA says a '40 #1 condition is 63K.That must mean restored #1 not OP #1.Oh I forgot I'm a Liar Liar Liar,LOL.I have pics of the white one at Waseon.

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