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Thread: 440 Project on Ebay

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    440 Project on Ebay

    Did anyone follow the 440 project? With 4 cylinders being one of the few Indians still bringing Knucklehead prices, I was surprised it stayed posted for almost a full day before it sold for the $30K buy it now price. For some reason, I can't even get to details of the auction now that it sold. Bike was in Bloomington, IN

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    In some instances of a closed eBay listing, the option of 'see original listing' is on the closed listing page. Left click on 'see original listing', and if the listing is not too old, the original listing opens, along with all the original listing photographs.
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    eBay did recently change some of their ended listing availabilities. You may see the phrase "The listing you’re looking for is no longer available. Check out this similar item we found for you." If you see that phrase, the word 'listing' is usually highlight in blue. Left click on the word 'listing', and you will go to the ended listing. The trick usually works. It might also be possible to find ended listings by going to the 'advanced' tab, and then looking for completed listings. After 60 days, an ended listing becomes more difficult to find, and it might disappear except to certain people involved with the original listing. I am saving the photos from the Indian Four listing, so it is now still available. Yes; $30,000.00 is a lot of money, but the seller probably left money on the table by offering the 'buy it now' option. Could this bike have brought $40,000.00 in a regular auction? Maybe. Indian Fours will always bring a premium price. There is some crazy money out there - I don't have any - but some people do.
    There is also a large photo set of the Four on Photobucket. Saving those photos directly is difficult. I go to Photobucket, open the photo, 'copy image', then paste the image into the 'Classic Paint' program. Even the most difficult photo to save, can be saved by using the 'Print Screen' option. Paste the 'Print Screen' image into an open blank page on the 'Classic Paint' program, and it is saved. People can block what you can save from their end, but they can't block what you can save by using the 'Print Screen' which is anything that appears on your screen.

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    Re: 440 Project on Ebay

    $30K for that 1940 Four was one of the best deals I've seen in a long time. As other's have said, offering a 'Buy It Now' price was not a good idea from the seller's vantage point.

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    Re: 440 Project on Ebay

    I made a low ball offer on it and it was not received well.
    I also noticed and confirmed that the seller had cherry picked some items off the bike prior to offering the lot you see.
    The speedo was missing as was the horn (which is visible in the before photo .) The speedo was sold by the seller as I checked his older listings . at $ 30 it was an ok deal but not ok enough for me . good luck to the new owner and happy spending as there is plenty to spend $.

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    Re: 440 Project on Ebay

    I didn't know it had been picked over, Drew. There are some big dollar, rare parts on a last generation Indian Four, so you want to make sure you get all that good stuff in the package.

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    Yessir, all fender trim, hi low beam switch, last year speedo, ammeter, ignition switch etc..and in the case of this speciman one present but much wounded, the top fin broken off the rear cylinder, most likely dropped from distance as these alloy heads donít bond to the cylinder deck to the degree prying them off would result in this. One large thing appearing to be missing is the mag, A very hard item to locate for a late Four.

    But, will say one thing you rarely see on a 440, running or not is a one year only DLX 124, often replaced with an M441 or similar.
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