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Thread: Tenino motorcycle swap meet

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    Tenino motorcycle swap meet

    Wondering how big an event this is compared to say Davenport or Wauseon?


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    Re: Tenino motorcycle swap meet

    It's like comparing an 18 wheel truck to a golf cart. I never visited Tenino. I only ever saw Big inchers photos. From his photos it looked like a friendly laid back meet.

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    Re: Tenino motorcycle swap meet

    He always mentioned good prices.

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    Re: Tenino motorcycle swap meet

    Tenino is small but fun and friendly. Many attendees have known each other for many years. There's probably quite a bit more visiting than heavy duty buying and selling. I've gone most years since 1994, missed a couple here and there. If you have to travel a long distance it might not be for you unless you like more of an old time feel. The meet is held in the city park, camping and vending among tall old trees and moss. Overall it has a feel of regional antique meets of the past to me. I've been to Davenport and Wauseon, they are interesting and so much to see, that's not Tenino, but I like it for what it is.

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    Re: Tenino motorcycle swap meet

    It's a pretty small swap meet, but it is very enjoyable.You never know what treasure you may find.Here is a picture of the meet and my campsite in the park where it is held.

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