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Thread: JS CoinMiner malaware attacks from this site

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    JS CoinMiner malaware attacks from this site

    Every time I come on this site the past week, my anti-virus software warns me it has blocked a web attack from JS CoinMiner malware. Nasty stuff.

    Anyone else experiencing this?

    Norton's advice is to close the browser and don't revisit this site. Don't want to miss my daily fix of Vintage Pics of the Day though.
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    Re: JS CoinMiner malaware attacks from this site

    I'm just a subscriber here at CAIMag. Have been since I dunno, 2009 or something. All I have is a reliable (DIRECTV- a satellite) internet connection and free ATV browser protection.
    I never hear a thing, get no warnings as above, & ain't interfered with in the slightest way. I've read all the chickens little threads like this one, but I just don't experience a bit of the drama from this CAIMag site. I just hafta wonder what you guys are using for hardware, and whether your troubles are entirely in-house. Your house. For whatever reason. Are you stealing your cable from your local house of ill-repute, or what?

    As far as I can tell, everything reported is content added to your signals after leaving CAIMag. There's nothing wrong with the site.
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    Re: JS CoinMiner malaware attacks from this site

    I am still getting the error messages Sarge. The problem with the website presently is it doe snot recognize all browser platforms. The software needs updated. Simple...period.

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    Re: JS CoinMiner malaware attacks from this site

    I have no problem with any other site, and I look at many. Just this one gives me JS CoinMiner attack warnings every time. And it has just started in the past week or so. Before that i've been looking at this site daily for years.

    Nope, no stolen service from the local house of ill repute. All regular broadband internet service from a reputable mainstream provider. Using Mozilla Firefox browser and Norton Anti-virus.

    So I'm pretty sure the problem is not at my end.

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    Re: JS CoinMiner malaware attacks from this site

    OK, so my anti-virus program is telling me the problem is coming from some kind of bogus font that is actually malware. Meaning, I guess, a font used on this site.

    It says the attacking computer is (,80)

    And the attack URL is

    That means nothing much to me. But googling those addresses brings up a bunch of stuff about how this is not a font but is some kind of crypto-jacking malware. Such as this here site's take on it, which is waaaay too computer technical for me:


    Apparently problem has been mostly on vBulletin sites. Which, lo and behold I see is the hosting service or whatever for at the bottom of the page.

    Maybe some mod should let vBulletin know this forum is having this known problem. They probably can fix it because it's happened apparently to about 30 other vBulletin forums.

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    Re: JS CoinMiner malaware attacks from this site

    I run Internet Explorer in Windows 7. It is the first antivirus program I have used that is effective in detecting and removing this kind of Malware. I had one of the top US antivirus programs many years ago, but some Malware out there back then was able to actually get in and shut down my antivirus program and my computer. Had similar problems with other vendors. Cost some serious money to fix the problem. No serious problems since then. While I do get alerts, no damage. Just to be safe, I have also loaded Malware Bytes, a free program that is very effective and rated high in the top ten. So, right now it just seems to be an annoyance, but I worry that it could eventually be something more.

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    Re: JS CoinMiner malaware attacks from this site

    I get the same thing constantly.

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