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Thread: Puking oil , 1948 Panhead

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    Puking oil , 1948 Panhead

    Hello Everyone,

    My buddy's 48 developed a problem late last fall and I was hoping to get some clues from the group.

    Its a 48 EL, pretty stock but it does have a reproduction Ted's oil pump on it. If the bike sits for more than a few days it pukes oil out of the primary cover. A LOT of oil, like around a quart. I had my buddy pull and clean the check ball in the oil pump as I would have thought it would be the likely culprit. No Change. My next step will be to burnish the ball seat and get a new ball but is there another root cause I should consider?



    P.S. the oil he runs is Brad Pen straight 50.

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    Re: Puking oil , 1948 Panhead

    I think you're on the right track. If the check ball isn't seating properly, the bottom end will fill up with oil pretty quickly. When you say it "pukes oil out of the primary cover", I assume (hope) you mean the oil is coming out of the breather hose.

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    I suspect Ted's pump.

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    Re: Puking oil , 1948 Panhead

    If it is Ted's pump, try Jim's

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    Re: Puking oil , 1948 Panhead

    Quote Originally Posted by SIDECAR View Post
    If it is Ted's pump, try Jim's
    Sidecar Jim who's pump??

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    Re: Puking oil , 1948 Panhead

    The 'Root Cause' is the aftermarket Oil Pump/ Put an OEM pump on it and be done.

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    Re: Puking oil , 1948 Panhead

    If you're going after market ... ..... or like indianut said ... OEM

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    Re: Puking oil , 1948 Panhead

    Most O.E.M pumps sump also.

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    Re: Puking oil , 1948 Panhead

    Good luck trying to make it leak less. I tried burnishing, then diamond coated 3/8" ball, the grits are in thousands numerically and available on flea bay if you want to try. tried 5 different grits doing the lapping by hand. To give you a grit idea, much finer than toothpaste. Still sumped, not as much but sumped none the less, about a quart every 4 days. 3rd time being a charm its out getting seat refurb and new seat cut. At this point I'd rather wait to see the out come before saying more. Sumping is common, when water accumulates from short heat cool cycling of the oil as on short rides, moisture accumulates and seeks the lowest level, right at the check valve. The ball is hardened but yet pits, the seat cast iron and softer than the ball bearing, so il the seat gets eaten away and in some cases is gone in small sections. Viola, its a perfect corrosion cell. I know of corrosion inhibiting additives that work excellent when this problem arises. So if the pump holds, will advise that as well as inhibitor additive. Pump is at least 2 weeks out before coming back.

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