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Thread: Lance Tidwell Cut Down

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    very cool thread!

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    That sure look's like Lance's "Volcano Vaulter" machine perhaps with a repaint....I remember it having black rims.
    Quote Originally Posted by terry marsh View Post
    These were some of Lance's bikes.
    This is an Original Harley Davidson Factory Hill Climber.

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    I heard that frame referd to as a "Keystone Racing Frame".

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    Re: Lance Tidwell Cut Down

    I have been thinking I could make a frame like that out of a 1928 29 frame? Make the gas tanks on of earler JD tanks?

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    Re: Lance Tidwell Cut Down

    i think it's a 3 bar hill climber frame

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    Re: Lance Tidwell Cut Down

    If seeing that old Booze Fighters rides doesn't make you smile...there is soemthing wrong with you!

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    Re: Lance Tidwell Cut Down

    Man wouldn't it be cool to go bombin around the back roads of Maine on that ole girl.She just says tougher than a bag of ball pein hammers all over!

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