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Thread: Vl valve stem clearance

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    Vl valve stem clearance

    Just installed new valve guides in my 36 VL.(std size)

    I have also new std valves, they fit perfect in the new guides and i have the valves lapped already.

    Do i need the guides bored to the right size ?

    I dont know how much valve stem clearance they must have and cant find it in Slocombes book.
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    Re: Vl valve stem clearance

    The correct way to do this is to have the guides rigid honed with a purpose built tool made for valve guides. A reamer will not straighten a guide like a hone will. Nor will it give you as good a finish as a hone. At this point the valve seats should be machined/ground to re-align them with the new guides. Just lapping them in without any of the previous steps is doing the job halfway. Granted, they might be close enough to run but it's not optimum. Speaking of lapping compound, wire brush all traces of it off the valve faces and the seats, you are introducing an abrasive to the inside of your motor.

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