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Thread: tires & tubes

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. Big View Post
    Shinkos are a great vintage tire for the price. The 270's are round like pie and the 240's are square like cornbread......
    I have the 240's on my '70, not too many choices when looking for dual white wall. I had a wobble issue at highway speeds, got worse in Daytona. Reached out to Shinko, they felt the tire was "out of round", so I took it off and put it on my truing stand. Sure was, almost a 1/4", the tire not the wheel. My buddy in Daytona was following me and said he could see it wandering around when he was following me. Shinko sent me a new tire for free, just got it mounted and put 20 miles on the bike on Sunday. Problem seems to be gone, we will see if it stays gone for the season.

    If it goes bad again, I will try Coker's dual white wall.

    Firestone Deluxe on the Flathead, no problems, bike does 65 MPH in a straight line, no wobbles or wiggles.
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    Re: tires & tubes

    Michelin makes some heavy duty tubes for bikes, they are available in many sizes, but they dont have 16 inch with a rubber side valve, they do have 18's, with a metal stem.

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    I've noticed Shinkos are about 50% less than all other brands for that tire size

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    Thanks guys ----I'm leaning towards the Firestone Deluxe , after all it was what came on the bike originally.

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    Re: tires & tubes

    J&P sells heavy tubes.

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    Re: tires & tubes

    I have bought both the Shinko 270 and the Avon and tubes and rim strips from J&P and the Shinko's are half the price of Coker's and are good tires and ride and last as well as any of the reproduction tires out there and I have had a few. I run the Avon's on my 47 cause that's what was on there. The Shinko's are replacing Coker's on 61 and 64. By the way the Shinko's are speed rated and Coker's are not. I don't like running crummy tires just cause they are cheap but found no fault with Shinko so far and they do run true when balancing. This is just my experience you do what you think best.


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    Howdy sir,

    Have run Firestones on my 41FL for four years now occasssionally at speeds (to clear out plugged idle jet) I would not recommend and without any issues what so ever. Only made sure they seated well on the rims, any weight offset apparent on the truing stand insignificant such that didn’t bother to add any. All 5.00’s are not the same, these are the largest in cross section i’ve used of the genre, a possible clearance issue for skirted fender and pre-war Indians but not your app. Though your setup benefits from the better telescopic front end, the modern hysteresis of this rubber against your similar curb wieight I would recommend 22-25 psi, these bear no resemblance to the original tire specs and one is inviting a pulled valve stem if they run yesteryear’s 12-18 psi. Unlike house brands (Coker Commanders) Coker is held to a higher standard when producing replicas branded with current tire manufacture names such as Firestone and Michelin therefore you’ll have less issues.

    Avon’s, Continental K112’s and other modern carcass design based tires are different than the above, they are more rounded in cross section, tread designed to to be used at greater lean angles and meant to run at higher pressures, ie, 32 - 35 psi with K112’s, and depending on the chassis can offer sharper turn in and better handling. Matter of personal choice if one doesn’t mind a harsher ride as the tread thins with wear.

    Large section 16 inch wheels and the attendant heavy tires are relatively kind to inner tubes, unlike thin 3.00 x 20 Avon’s run at high pressure. It’s tire creep, primarily on the rear, not punctures or splitting that gets them. Whereas steel stem types are far more vulnerable due to minimal stem area vulcanized to the tube itself than rubber stems, one judges the integrity of the latter by the size and thickness of the anchoring plate and robustness of the stem itself. Lacerated rear stems were the culprit on last year’s AMCA Road Runs.

    Speaking of valve stems,

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    Re: tires & tubes

    Hey peter so you been runnin the firestones for 4 years but dont recomend them?? You say without issues? Forgive me as maybe i just dont understand your lingo.
    Are they good or no good? That is my question LOL

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    Re: tires & tubes

    He said at speeds he would not recommend, not anything negative about the tires....
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    Re: tires & tubes

    Ha ok thanks for straightining me out i have a set of those firestones in 18 in for my 39 80 in bobber. But it is not completed yet.

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