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  1. 1936 Carburator

    Morning one Question i have a Late 24 Knuckle and a M 5 Carburator with 4 screws for Aircleaner,of course i bought The Repop 36 Aircleaner but i know it has 2 Screws,what is corect thanks Ulf

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    Re: 1936 Carburator

    It's all correct today only! Happy April 1st!

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    Re: 1936 Carburator

    Two-screws pre-ceded four screws. Depends on your motor number, which is correct for the 36 EL application.
    If you have a 24 Knuckle, anything goes!
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    Re: 1936 Carburator

    The carb. cover was designed for the 4 screw carb. body. Only 2 screws were used.
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    Thanks nice Eastern

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