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Thread: Tomcat's New Garage and workshop

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    Re: Tomcat's New Garage and workshop

    Great Lathe Sean! I have a Model A Southbend with the quick change gearbox, very very handy. You may find yourself threading more than you think! Once you have the option you can really get cracking on making things. I really like the motor pulley set up you have. If the ways (bearing faces the compound and tailstock slide on) are not too worn by the chuck it'll last another 100 years.

    Don't limit yourself to the Wilton. There's better, if I say so myself, vises out there. I like my Reed much better than the Wilton. I've also got a Starrett vise that is solid as a rock. An old Columbian is also a great vise. A hobby to get into is Anvils/Railroad vises/Power hammers/Camelback drills... etc. It's costs the same if not more than this ol' motorcycle hobby.
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    Re: Tomcat's New Garage and workshop

    I too have a Southbend 9" "C" model made in the forties. I picked it up for $350 but it needed a motor and tooling. I also have the quick change gear box. I also have some extra "9" parts like some tooling and an extra set of change gears. I love it but I'm guilty of trying to make it do too much.

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    Re: Tomcat's New Garage and workshop

    Also Charles Parker for a excellent vise. I have a Starrett and 2 Columbian vises at home and had a Parker at work for close to 40 years. All of them are good. I hate using a vise not up to the job.

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    Re: Tomcat's New Garage and workshop

    got the original shipment card from Southbend.....aka Grizzly machine. It's a 1935 model

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