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Thread: 47el on ebay

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    Re: 47el on ebay

    First thing I would do is buy one of Carl's fuel shut offs.

    56 FL ABS(front only)

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    Re: 47el on ebay

    Looks nice to the eye, but 75 large ... he's in dreamland

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    Re: 47el on ebay

    so much repop parts on this one. at least 35k overpriced.

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    Could you explain? Trying to learn about Knuckleheads

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    Re: 47el on ebay

    Lots of repop. "Restored" by an amateur; thrown together. Look at the pic of the s.s. trim on the r. side rear fender tip for an example.
    New repop like the windscreen has nothing to do with "period." Has no additive value. Period.
    Sarge, Gerry Lyons, Fla.
    AGENT ORRNGE Survivor. So far.
    The Friendly Fire that Keeps on Burnin'.
    F.O.G. member:
    "It's a 1937, and the downside is, it's out of warranty"

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    Re: 47el on ebay

    Lots of reproduction parts , wrong hardware Ect, also Reproduction tanks and fenders looks like , poor fitment.
    Can’t see enough of the frame but possibly reproduction also , definitely not a 75 k machine in my opinion.


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    Thanks for the info

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    Re: 47el on ebay

    Quote Originally Posted by jdiesel25 View Post
    Could you explain? Trying to learn about Knuckleheads
    So much for acquiring every year knuckle and still learning. Selling everything.

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    I have two 42s

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