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Thread: Frame paint

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    Frame paint

    From my past post a while back about clear coating, I see it is not liked by the judges. So what paint would work for my frame, I want to paint black. Should I use single stage, or catalized paint. Any brands you would rcommend. I am not a cheep scate (maybe a little) Since spray cans have immproved a lot, has anyone used them? Stan

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    Re: Frame paint

    A single stage paint is catalyzed. At least the stuff that I have is.

    The single-stage paint is what was used back in the day when these old bikes were painted originally. Just curious, why are you considering a rattle can? Cost? Ease of application?
    I would stay away from spray cans. You will pay quite a bit for one can of high quality paint and one can wont be enough for a frame. More like three. Your millage may vary. Make sure to use an etching primer over bare metal so the paint doesn't scratch off with the slightest effort.

    Now what color of black are you going to use? Just kidding. Opinions vary and mine is, after it wears for a year or two, black is black.
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    Re: Frame paint

    I found out there are several shades of black. When I painted my Chief 30 or so years ago I used a shade called lamp black. Just a little thinner and spray. I painted a Yamaha frame with calalized paint, and the black had a brown looking shade when it was in the sun. Rattle can question, I was just wondering. Stan

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    Re: Frame paint

    single pot urethane with a flattener for me (semi gloss finish)

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    Re: Frame paint

    Iíd like to resurrect this thread because I paid for an epoxy primed, single stage classic black, clear overcoated, frame repaint after removing a horrible blue powdercoat. Now, in final assembly, the new paint chips if you look at it too sharply. Iím no painter. I find that frame black color matches are not that difficult, except that newer paints actually look too good, but durability & an accurate Harley paint appearance is more difficult to obtain. Iím not looking for crustation job or show quality, just a solid, durable, black frame paint for bikes that are restored to be ridden often.

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    Re: Frame paint

    Technically, black is not a color; and it only becomes a color if another color is mixed with it. Automotive paint suppliers have pure black. I use a single stage black acrylic enamel with a wet look hardener. I don't clear coat frames, forks, or wheels. I only use clear on fenders, and tanks because I rub them out to remove the orange peel. Durability has been good, and paint just gets tougher as it ages.

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    Re: Frame paint

    AXERIC, you do exactly what I was advised by a buddy that rides his Ď51 FL on frequent coast to coast rides, etc. His bike no show winner, it actually looks like an aging Harley that was painted by Harley with the actual patina on typical Harley paint. Of course, itís been rebuilt & repainted numerous times. I let paint experts influence me, but it wonít happen again. My frame just looks too good & Iíll just repair the chips as they appear, could be worse.
    Is there an acrylic enamel product name that you recommend?

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    Tractor Supply

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    Re: Frame paint

    Bill, I use a product called NASON which I believe is a Dupont product. I know there are more sophisticated, and durable paints on the market, but I like simplicity. Also, I have used paints that require a catalyst, and accelerator only to discover that those expensive adders have turned rock hard in the can after a few months. I should add that when I was at last weeks AMCA meet at the horse barn, there were a few bikes with flawless paint jobs. By flawless, I mean first class paint jobs by artists; and no doubt, very expensive. I admire that kind of work from an academic point of view, but let's get real; no factory ever did 'show bike' paint jobs.

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    Re: Frame paint

    Exactly Eric, Mr Pitts recommends Tractor Supply & I know one restorer that uses Rust-O-Leum because the oil base qualities mimic original Harley frame paint. NASON is a name Iíve heard before on bikes that have been restored to durable riding standards. NASON acrylic enamel will probably go on my next frame, but not without testing it on trial peice first. ~Bill

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