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Thread: 41-46 Frame ID

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    41-46 Frame ID

    Looking at a potential buy, but a bit confused by the die numbers. It has the GL sidecar loops, a 3 on the right axle plate, and a 2 on the rear motor mount. the neck has been repaired. There is the XE-35 casting number but, there is no die number. According to Palmers chart on page 45, GL 1 loops were not used after 42 and the #3 die on the right axle clip appeared in 43. Frame has obviously been reworked and there are some tack welds on the loops and axle plates. Any ideas as to whether this is a 42 or 43? Possibly late late 42 or early 43?


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    Re: 41-46 Frame ID

    I would say the frame is going to only work as a '42 based on the GL loops. Not sure how they transitioned the axle plates on late year frames but GL loops are '41- '42 exclusive. Seadub

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    Re: 41-46 Frame ID

    Thanks. Kind of threw me with the GL 1 loops and the #3 die on the right rear axle clip. Asked the seller who did the frame for him but am getting sketchy info. Also, a bit put off by the tack welds on the loops and axle clips. Are they tack welded and then brazed or just tack welded!? Ever heard of a frame restorer at Pro Shop? Never heard of them and don't have a name. Seller is cyclewarehouse in Butler PA. No experience with them. Any feedback?


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    Re: 41-46 Frame ID

    They were tack welded before brazing at the factory.
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    Re: 41-46 Frame ID

    Way overpriced and in thick primer. I would want to see that frame naked. Bullneck?? Nah. Seadub

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    Re: 41-46 Frame ID

    Thanks guys. Chris' post re the tack welds was reassuring, but those welds looked like wads of bubble gum. Were the factory welds that bad? My initial gut feel was "no way", but with asking prices going so high, I was beginning to panic. Went to Eustis and New Smyrna. Two frames at Eustis, one with no visible casting numbers, hallmarks or die numbers and really thick paint. The other was heavily rusted and a mix of pan and knuckle die numbers. Nothing at all at New Smyrna. Number of Harley venders was way down. So, the hunt continues.

    By the way, have been in contact with Lou Nozaki at Race Frame Eng. in Oz. He says he has finished all of his castings with appropriate casting numbers, hallmarks and die numbers for 36-40 and is now working on 41-46. Have yet to see updated pictures on the website. Hasn't been updated in a couple of years since the company changed hands. 41-46 will run about $6K plus shipping and customs. Seems a really steep for a repop unless the numbers are that good.


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    Re: 41-46 Frame ID

    Bianese. Sent multiple responses to your PM, but I keep losing the sent messages. Nothing showing in my sent file. Let me know if they got through.


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    Re: 41-46 Frame ID

    I got your PM and replied. Seadub

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