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Thread: Model 58 Generator repair

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    Model 58 Generator repair

    Hey y'all, I got a Model 58 generator. It does not work, so I dismantled it and proceeded with some tests.
    I tested the armature on my 1950's Allen Growler and it appears fine, with no grounds or shorts. hack saw blade never moved. Brushes are almost as long as NOS ones, bearings are fine, seals etc.

    I dug out another Model 58 and it's armature, right off the bat, the hack saw blade is sucked down to the armature across almost every segment in the center of the armature., so it's bad for sure. So I went to check the field coils. I get a reading of 2.3 ohms resistance, dug out the set of field coils on the second 58, they have a reading of 5.7 ohms. Does anyone know what reading a NOS set of coils have or what the reading should be , for the coils to still be good? It seems since all the other parts are good, the coils must be bad?????

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    Re: Model 58 Generator repair

    Specs are in the service manual, basically approximately 2 per coil, 4 in series.
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    Re: Model 58 Generator repair

    Which service manual and what page? is there a min and a max range? I had a NOS set I installed in John Kings Model 58 and I should have tested them and wrote down the info.........

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    Re: Model 58 Generator repair

    Ok, so while waiting for more info, I went and disassembled the other 58. Both sets of field coils are different
    The first set came out of John King's 58, the next set, a spare 58 that I am working on currently.
    The second set of coils appear to be exactly like a brand new set of -65A 12v coils and measure the same 5.7 ohms resistance.
    Is there a way to differentiate between coils that are 12v and coils that are 6v?
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