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Thread: Dave's new project

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    Re: Dave's new project

    Quote Originally Posted by 38knuckle View Post
    What's wrong with the tank badges Dave?
    They are repops.
    Friends help friends move,
    Real friends help friends move bodies!

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    Re: Dave's new project

    Quote Originally Posted by DaveAus View Post
    After many years of looking and dreaming Iíve finally purchased a WR.

    Itís a 48 and not living in my garage yet but Iím pretty happy to have finally done it

    Thumbs up!

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    Re: Dave's new project

    Dave, looks very nice. Should be big fun. When do you expect it to arrive?

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    Re: Dave's new project

    Congrats Dave, All good things ..... as they say mate!
    that looks the goods!!

    cheers & beers
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    Re: Dave's new project

    Good luck with the new bike Dave. I dig it!!

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    Re: Dave's new project

    Thanks for all the positive comments guys. I’m storing my little brothers sportster in my garage at the moment so I’m tight for space.

    I’ll probably pick it up in the next week or two and when I do there willl be more pics and a start up video
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