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Thread: Stainless Manifold Clamps

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    Stainless Manifold Clamps

    Does anybody have a recommended method for getting these on?...I swear each time I do it I end up using a different method...none of them particularly effective

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    Re: Stainless Manifold Clamps

    hold your tonque to one side & bite down but not tooo hard

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    Re: Stainless Manifold Clamps

    So it's not just me....

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    Re: Stainless Manifold Clamps

    Many of the clamps are too wide & try to push the manifold away from heads.Often the heads or clamps need to be relieved to clear the lips on the clamps,,,,and that swearing thing helps a lot

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    Re: Stainless Manifold Clamps

    Yeah, that I've done , I guess the question I have best to try and put the clamps on after the manifold and O rings are in place ( and if so is there a trick) or try to hang the clamps on manifold and then install ( which I think is nearly impossible ) I find myself doing it the former way and stretching the clamps practically flat and working around the manifold from the carburetor side

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    Re: Stainless Manifold Clamps

    I use the factory type of flat hose clamps. The type where you bend the tail over a threaded tab. Then you secure the assembly with a screw. HDpart number 9917 I think. Olddude is the only place I know of that sells them.

    You route the clamp around the manifold before bending the tail.

    And I apply a generous helping of swear words too.
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    Re: Stainless Manifold Clamps

    Those clamps are a pain in the Ass .....

    What I found to be user friendly and seal up super well are these "New Kids on the Block" clamps ..
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    Re: Stainless Manifold Clamps

    Quote Originally Posted by Dragstews View Post
    Those clamps are a pain in the Ass .....

    What I found to be user friendly and seal up super well are these "New Kids on the Block" clamps ..
    Yep. I fitted those too!

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