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Thread: sexual abuse

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    sexual abuse

    > Here's another example of the witch hunt caused by the flood of sexual abuse allegations:
    > I just read of a professional, after 7 yrs of medical school and training has been fired for one minor indiscretion. He had sex with one of his patients and can no longer work in the profession. What a waste of time, effort, training and money. He's still paying off his school loans. This just goes to show you, one minor mistake can ruin your life. Thoughts and prayers for him and his family. The article says he really is a great guy and a fine veterinarian.

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    Re: sexual abuse


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    A veterinarian having sex with one of his patients..... that's known as beastiality...

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    Re: sexual abuse

    Boy you guys are slow...
    Friends help friends move,
    Real friends help friends move bodies!

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    Re: sexual abuse

    Sexual abuse is lack of nookie.

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    Re: sexual abuse

    Quote Originally Posted by Morgan View Post
    You realize this is posted in the humor section, right?
    I spoke to soon. Why I deleted it, my apology

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    Totally sick!!! - and quite funny!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steve Swan View Post
    A veterinarian having sex with one of his patients..... that's known as beastiality...
    yep, and the Beastiality society's motto is 'In dogs we thrust"

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    Re: sexual abuse

    Before long the lefties will be screaming that we are a bunch of beastialityaphobes :-)
    Deplorable Jimmy

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    Re: sexual abuse

    A new constitutional amendment is in the works; Trial by Mass Media Accusation.

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