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Thread: Most Comftable bike you have ridden?

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    Re: Most Comftable bike you have ridden?

    Quote Originally Posted by Rubone View Post
    My touring bikes are an old BMWR100RS and a Ducati ST2. The BMW is more comfortable after 600 miles. But I'll take light weight and handling over stereos and GPS any day...
    Robbie, Does the R100RS have the parabolic front end?

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    Re: Most Comftable bike you have ridden?

    My answer to the topic question is:
    '77 FLH fitted with '59-style buddy seat and pogo stick. Kim and I rode some 8,000 miles from Washington to Florida and back home again, and it was like floating the whole time. Struggled staying awake at certain times, it was so smooth.
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    Re: Most Comftable bike you have ridden?

    62 Duel glide. ..striped in the 70's. .floorboards. on the frame....
    of course i was 20 something and everything before was a hardtail.

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    Re: Most Comftable bike you have ridden?

    I have found that a properly adjusted windshield makes most bikes comfortable. You don't get as fatiqued when you don't have to fight wind, dodge bugs & dirt. Doc

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    Re: Most Comftable bike you have ridden?

    My '017 eGlide. Last summer I rode 13,000 miles on one ride and was out for about 10 weeks. I traveled from BC to California, back to BC, then onto Alaska and then to Ontario, and home. Never felt uncomfortable, until I got into a 10 hour day and the seat got a bit sore. But back on the next day with no effect. I am planning on taking the Panhead to Sturgis this summer, riding all the way from home.

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