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Thread: WLC front fender braces, need info

  1. WLC front fender braces, need info

    Hello all,
    I have a beautiful military front fender I am going to use on my Ď42 WLC.
    Problem is it came without fender braces. And what I think is correct doesnít appear to be
    Reproduced. Am I correct that I need narrow big twin/servicar braces? Can anyone tell me
    The proper thickness of the braces ?
    The ones I see online donít look like the WLC photos Iíve studied.
    So.... is anyone reproducing correct WLC front fender braces?
    Thank you !

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    Re: WLC front fender braces, need info

    WWII Harley Military braces are made 5/8" wide. Your going need a set of WLC front brace because as you know the WLC uses the big twin front rockers. The WLA won't work because they are made for the 45 front.
    The servi-car or big twin front fender bracing would work but the braces for them are made 3/4" wide and not the 5/8" wide for the military front fender your going to used. It will look out of place if you use the wider braces.

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    Re: WLC front fender braces, need info

    The early big twin and servi-car braces are the correct width of 5/8 but are also to long for the WLC due to the extra bends for the fender valance.

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    Re: WLC front fender braces, need info

    As you know the WLC fenders are a one of a kind.
    All early braces are narrow but, as Todd mentioned, its about the bend.
    I will check mine and take some pic's for you this weekend
    ...and maybe talked me into parting with one of mine


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    Re: WLC front fender braces, need info

    i have an original wlc military rear fender for sale
    and many other wla wlc parts
    pm me for more info

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    Re: WLC front fender braces, need info

    3727-40MA front brace, 3727-40MA rear brace, and 3730-36 brace clips. Search for those numbers.

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    Re: WLC front fender braces, need info

    I measured my 42 WLC fender stays and mine is 0.610" X 0.150".

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    Re: WLC front fender braces, need info

    Ya 5/8 by 5/32 not a standard size for flat stock.
    Been down that rabbit hole.

  9. Re: WLC front fender braces, need info

    Thought I had found a manufacturer, looked promising ......L&W Body.
    They make fenders, braces, sidecar sheet metal. Logged onto his website and he has recently retired,
    Like completely retired!
    Not even answering the phone .. making the braces don’t scare me, it’s the riveting at the clips that will be difficult
    To make look correct..

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