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Thread: S置p CAI ???

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    S置p CAI ???

    I知 Bill from Sonora, CA.
    Been lurking for a while to get the drift of this forum.
    I have a few Harleys:
    My fav is a 1946 U basket project that I致e got the engine overhauled, a couple of late frames to work with, fork, wheels & few loose parts to assemble. It needs a transmission rebuild.
    Moving on up, I have a 1958 FL on the lift that I知 trying to finish for summer.
    Then there痴 the 1967 Sportster I知 wondering if I should finish or sell.
    There痴 some assembly required on another 2 70痴 era Sportster engines sitting on the floor.
    I have a 1977 FX for my daily rider.
    Proud to be on this forum where enlightened & experienced hands can provide their insight.

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    Re: S置p CAI ???

    Welcome Bill.
    Seems you'll fit right in with motors sitting on the floor.

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    Re: S置p CAI ???

    Thanks 38 Knuckle. Ride well & carry oil.

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    Re: S置p CAI ???

    Welcome, Bill. You have some interesting bikes, and I admire anyone that knows a project bike is the essence of vintage motorcycling.

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    Re: S置p CAI ???

    Thanks axeric, Among this forum I feel I must apologize for not being a bone stock original restorer, but I refrain from cutting up classics. My 58 FL started out as an engine only basket case. It now has original or same era as original frame, engine, tanks, oil bag, rear fender, brakes, handlebars & speedometer. The sins are 4 over fork tubes, aftermarket star hub wheels (21 front), custom front fender fabbed from a 2005 Deluxe model痴 crash damaged fender, a four speed with neutral switch, custom seat, tombstone tail light & new black paint, but no mods to original parts except for paint. The bike can be returned to pure original except for the paint in the future when it finds an owner willing to suffer the grief. I have a set of original wheels in terrible condition, original era front fender, etc. Depending on handling, I may reduce the fork tubes to 2 over when I get it out on the road. Cast offs from friends that do original restorations made the acquisition of proper parts possible. Tons of respect to you guys.

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    Re: S置p CAI ???

    My Son has a 77 torn down right now. Welcome ...You will meet the best of the best here.

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