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Thread: eBay seller “SNAZZYPIG” Buyer Beware!

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    Re: eBay seller “SNAZZYPIG” Buyer Beware!

    Bottom line , the seller is a dirtbag....and the idea of having to pay within minutes is asinine . If that’s your policy you should put it in bold print . If as a buyer you have good feedback then I would think 12-24 hrs is reasonable....and if the seller is concerned he can reach out . I’ve been burnt on eBay too many times , in my world if you make a deal you stick to it. Same thing as happened to me , I believe in both cases a losing bidder reached out and upped his offer after the auction ended.

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    Re: eBay seller “SNAZZYPIG” Buyer Beware!

    Hold on now, I think this is getting carried away. The seller, an elderly gentleman, which I always look forward to seeing and talking to at the meets, may have made a mistake. Someone’s theory that you should have to pay in minutes has nothing to do with “Snazzypig’s” payment policy. I didn’t see the listings so I can’t speak to that but I’m sure it was an isolated incident and he probably feels terrible. To begrudge him the opportunity to make more money for his family over a mistake, well it’s just not worth getting excited about.
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