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Thread: Great Guitarists

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    Great Guitarists

    I know we had a topic on here way back when but I could not find it. Check this Lady out. Two videos and she made many more.

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    Re: Great Guitarists

    She was practicing with Michael Jackson and was going to be his guitarist for his last "I'm not as bad as TD Todd tour" I saw her in the video news of MJ at his last rehearsal just prior to his checking out. I had to know who she was, so I did a little digging. She was a Carlos Santana Disciple. It comes out in her work. Easy on the eyes too. Jump to 2:33 to get Santana's opinion of her. And she hops on an old motorcycle at 5:15.
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    Re: Great Guitarists

    Yeah Fabe...For Carlos Santana to pass the torch to her had to give her great honor for sure. Hitting it with Michael Jackson had to be an honor also.

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    Re: Great Guitarists

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    Re: Great Guitarists

    Joe sounds like Stevie Ray Vaughn, or Gary Moore, or The Fabulous Thunderbirds. Either way it's very good.

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    Re: Great Guitarists

    Quote Originally Posted by Fabe View Post
    And she hops on an old motorcycle at 5:15.
    The video is only 4:51 long??????
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    Re: Great Guitarists

    when I saw the thread title , the first name to come to mind was Joe Bonamassa . hes fantastic . the dvd of JB and Beth Hart live is great , big band blues

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    Re: Great Guitarists

    Joe came to Maine a couple of summers ago, I don't do many concerts but I took this one in.I was really impressed.I didn't know his music well,that changed.I also did some research on him and found that he was considered a phenom when he was a kid.

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    Re: Great Guitarists

    Albert King & Stevie Ray Vaughan - Blues Jam Session

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    Re: Great Guitarists

    John Lee Hooker, Carlos Santana and Etta James - Blues Boogie Jam (Official)

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