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Thread: Thanks for your service Bill

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    Thanks for your service Bill

    Back in WW2 Bill Peck was a motorbike mechanic on the shores of North Africa, using a tarp for weather protection, and a gas can for his work bench, and the experience left a large imprint on him, and a couple years ago he was asked by a service provider what he wanted for his birthday. He replied a photo with a HD WLA.

    And this year a reunion was arranged thanks to the owner of the nearby HD dealership, Don Huffman the retired former owner of Lakeland Fla HD had this one and was way cool to help out a fellow vet.

    "I have seen each part on this thing," Peck said, like the leather scabbard, the blackout headlight and the 45-cubic-inch twin cylinder "high compression" motor that would run on 74-octane gas.

    "We have repair manuals if you want to go to work," Huffman joked.

    "I don't need them," Peck responded.

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    Re: Thanks for your service Bill

    Now that is cool. I love his response " I don't need them"

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    Re: Thanks for your service Bill

    That is own 42WLA served where Bill served....N Africa with General Patton.
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    Re: Thanks for your service Bill

    That's GREAT!!!!!!!

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    Re: Thanks for your service Bill

    Awesome stuff!
    "The impossible missions are the only ones which succeed.” ~ Jacques Cousteau

    Al C

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    "I don't need them," Peck responded.

    Under his breathe he also said, "damn kids...."
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    Re: Thanks for your service Bill

    My Uncle Reg died 2 weeks ago at the age of 95. He was a bomber navigator during WW2, never flew again after the war, and looked like Hugh Hefner. A kind and gentle man. Sad to see that generation go away.

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    Re: Thanks for your service Bill

    This is great stuff!!! God bless him and the guys that made that happen for him!! It is a discrace that so many out of touch people forget guys like this!!

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    Re: Thanks for your service Bill

    I think about them all the time and have to say that we will never have a generation like them again or the women! They were fearless, determined and selfless unlike the current generation. Sure the ones that serve now are somewhat the same but not nearly enough of them and too many that are just the opposite and I say that with two nephews ( not married and no kids except my bikes) who serve right now. Life was hard back then and your only chance of making something of yourself was bear down and do it. There will be failures and falls but that is when you pick yourself up and go hard at it again. It will truly be a sad day when the last WW 2 vet passes. Thanks to Bill and all the vets past and present who do and did what a lot of others won't.


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    Re: Thanks for your service Bill

    My father passed a couple years ago and was a WWII vet. He was in the Army Air Corps and flew the "Hump", (Himalayas) as a radio operator. Would fly anything from troops to fuel to donkeys back and forth to China. went down twice in the jungle. Had a dramatic fear of snakes ever since. Last time he went down it was within recovery distance from his base. They sent in the engineers to clear a way to take off. The pilot said to him, "I flew it in here I am flying it out. A photographer went by to the end of the clearing. My father asked him why and he responded to get pictures of the crash. He made it out with the pilot and refused to get back on that plane because he knew something was wrong. The C.O. sent him outa there to another shithole and next time up the plane went down and all aboard perished. When men were men and the women listened to them.

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