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Thread: 1970 FLH Wing Type Petcock

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    Re: 1970 FLH Wing Type Petcock

    Everything you mentioned is spot on, amklyde. You really have to be in love with one to put that much work into saving a leaky petcock (that sounds kind of rude I have a pile of early JD, and VL petcocks but they are all flawed in some way. The steel tapers on the H-D petcocks are center-drilled on the ball end so you can get a secure grip on them in a lathe, and use carbide, or ceramic cutters to turn off the taper. Still a ton of work, with no guarantees.

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    Re: 1970 FLH Wing Type Petcock

    The only petcock I've been in love with is the Pingel on my 65FLH with 66 tanks. Installed in 1991, 125,000 miles and still works smoothly without leaking a drop. A real high quality piece. The only thing I have replaced or repaired between the tank and manifold is the rubber hose connecting the petcock and the carb. I have never even removed the bowl from the carb in all those miles. How lucky is that?

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    Found two more original petcocks at a swap in Asbury Park over the weekend, cheap enough that if they fail the air test, oh well. Pingle is on the work bench ready to go if/when these two fail.
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