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Thread: 1939 Harley Color Mystery....

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    Re: 1939 Harley Color Mystery....

    I have made a few calls and continue to look for literature with a part number for the 1939 "Ivory". No one I have spoken to can seem to offer any proof on why they believe the 1939 "Ivory" is the same as the 1935 "Egyptian Ivory" Other than that they both have ivory in the name.

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    Re: 1939 Harley Color Mystery....

    Theres an original paint Ivory and black 1939 bike in the HD museum, go take a look. Take a color chart from your local auto paint store, match it up.
    (might want to ask them first, before leaning over the barrier)

    There's also an original paint Ivory and blue Knuckle head, not far from your house. I won't mention his name here, but he has a lot of OP bikes and posts pictures of them on IG and Facebook often. Im sure you know him...
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    Re: 1939 Harley Color Mystery....

    Here is the museum's 39 knuckle, paint is same color as John's sample.

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    Re: 1939 Harley Color Mystery....

    Thanks 38el and 1950Panhead. I will look into that OP museum bike. Looking at that picture you posted it looks like that paint has never seen the outdoors.

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    Put in a call to a person I know at the museum. He is going to check into this. I will let you know what he comes up with.

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