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Thread: Indian Scout Wanted

  1. Indian Scout Wanted

    Hello Gentlemen,
    Putting the feelers out for a Scout project. First Indian so I'm thinking about a later (Sport Scout?) bike. I would like to build a correct period bike so something that would make a nice racer style street tracker or bobber. The project will determine where I go with it so considering anything fairly complete.
    Message or call.
    Thanks in advance,

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  2. Re: Indian Scout Wanted

    I’ve spoken to a couple nice folks. Thank you. I have two leads but still looking around. I’m headed to Eustis and The Sunshine meet to see what turns up.
    Still liking the late 30’s Scouts. Haven’t seen an ugly one yet but I’ll keep looking!


  3. Re: Indian Scout Wanted

    Found thanks. Now it’s on to parts hunting.

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