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Thread: Hi from Sweden!

  1. Hi from Sweden!

    Dear all,

    I’m not new to the hobby but new member to this great forum. Been using it a lot during the years and so it is due time to register and contribute, with what there might be.

    First bike was a 45 WLA which I rebuilt in the 90s. That one had to go to finance a 1940 BTSV which I have had for 8-10 years now, the bike of my dreams - at least one of them... It is during rebuild now since the frame needed much repair, hope to be reassembled for summer.

    A basket case 1932 BSA Sloper OHV also lies on the shelf, a future project when time is there. Interesting piece with 4 speed gearbox as first year.

    Living with my family in south Sweden since many years, fellow motorcyclists recognize me from any of the rallies we enjoy here in Scandinavia!

    Pictures will have to come later, right now I’m in L.A and today I enjoyed the Petersen Automotive Museum which had a nice exhibition of Indians and Harley’s (among all the nice and interesting cars...). Recommended!!


    Johan U

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    Re: Hi from Sweden!

    Welcome Johan. Hope to see photos of your bikes soon, we like photos. Petersen Automotive Museum is amazing.
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    Re: Hi from Sweden!

    Welcome to the site!!! I would like to see pics of your 40 as i and doing a 40 ULH.

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    Re: Hi from Sweden!

    Welcome Bro. Look up Anders Nigren in Sweden. He owns Flathead Power. I am sure he can help or at least direct you to whom which can help.

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    I haven’t met Anders Nygren personally but I know one of his early team members since a couple of years. Actually the guy who designed the racing heads for knucks they built in the 80s and 90s here in Sweden, used in the Evil Mother bike. He also built the engine for the BF bike that won last year - the SRM 1000 (Swedish Racing Motor), designed in the 40s by Mr Folke Mannerstedt who built the racing Husqvarnas. That’s another story...

    My UH has Anders cylinders and I have been really satisfied with them, for all those years!

    Will post pictures later on.

    Johan U

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