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Thread: Sidecare mudguard width

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    Re: Sidecare mudguard width


    I like British pu$$y but only if they shave down there to get rid of the crabs. Not fond of seafood.
    I like Indian motorcycles as I have 3. 28 101, 440 48W/car.
    Save yourself aggravation and buy sidecar fender from Iron Horse. It will fit fine.

    Quote Originally Posted by duffeycycles View Post
    When I read his post I thought he should ride a POS Brit bike
    Great minds think alike.

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    Re: Sidecare mudguard width

    I am apalled of the aggressiveness from some reputable senior members and administrator of this forum showing against a guy that just for whatever reason doesn't want or can afford order parts from US or a specific US fabricator. Add then some irrelevant innuendos about some brit brand bikes. Explain the agenda of this forum and the purpose with that conduct.
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    Charlie 101

  3. Re: Sidecare mudguard width

    Are you looking for the 1930-33 fender or 34-36? I believe 30-33 is 7 1/2" but I'll need to verify this number when I get home later and I'll find the 34-36 width also.

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    Re: Sidecare mudguard width

    What the topic starter told me he dropped Caimag definitely and got the details elsewhere.
    Charlie 101

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