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    I'll be using an RL front end because I have one. It's not a direct replacement, it will need modifications. First, it's got to be straightened. A hydraulic press does much of the work, and I made a simple tool to do the final tweaking.
    The front fork bends fairly easily, but the rear is forged and tempered. It's like trying to straighten a spring. Alignment needs to be near perfect or the rockers will bind.

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    The spring guide rods on an RL front end are about an inch shorter than a Big Twin and need to be changed. Also, the holes at the bottom of the forks must be enlarged to 1/2" to accept Big Twin rockers. Two easy jobs. However, the stem is also too short and a special nut has to be made. A straightforward job on a small lathe.

    The nut has a 1" OD and the ID is tapped for 7/8-24. I'll be using Timken bearings because that is the easiest way to go. The lower will be #07093, a trailer bearing, and the upper #07100, Hydra Glide.
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    Powder coating front end.

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    Front end assembled

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    Using a wheel truing stand to check runout on drum and sprocket.

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    Wheels built and balanced.Attachment 23344

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    I get invalid attachment. I was going to ask how the sprocket ran when you checked the run out on it butt it slipped my mind.

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    Sorry, the attachment works on my computer. I've been having problems ever since Microsoft did a major update. The sprocket was pretty close. They're never perfect.Attachment 23345

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    I still get invalid attachment

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    Now I don't know what to do.

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