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Thread: UL Rider

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    Re: UL Rider

    Supply line completed.
    Very cool, next project v4 UL.

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    Runs OK with an M51. Runs like death with the M88 I built for it. I need to do some thinking. This could take awhile.

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    Re: UL Rider

    That's beyond cool Charles. Stellar build thread. Thanks for sharing and the education.
    To have the right to do something is not the same as to be right in doing it.

    49 FL Love/Hate Relationship

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    Re: UL Rider

    Love it !!!!

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    Cool bike, well done
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    Thanks for the kind words. I'll continue to post the things that go wrong.

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    Re: UL Rider

    v4 ul ?

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    The issue with the M-88 was a loose idle circuit plug. Evidence that a small air leak can cause a big problem.

    A leather bootlace wrapped around the seat tee prevents chipping the tank paint.

    It is illegal to use an inkjet printer to reproduce logos on printable vinyl. I never do it.

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    Re: UL Rider

    Nice work, I recognized myself in some places of your project.

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