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Thread: Seat post plunger

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    Seat post plunger


    I would like to know the inside and outside diameter of the seat post plunger.
    The diameter of the plunger lock nut is slightly lower and it goes inside without screwing.
    There is something I do not understand.
    Maybe there are 2 diameters of plunger lock nut?

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    Re: Seat post plunger

    A 45 seat post is 1" and the big twin is 1 1/8. maybe you have a big twin plunger and a 45 nut?

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    Re: Seat post plunger


    I think you're right, the picture of the kit I bought.
    My question is:
    Where can I find the right lock nut?

    If it's possible to keep the kit.

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    Re: Seat post plunger

    V-Twin. There's your problem! LOL! Doc

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    Re: Seat post plunger

    I found one but I can not buy it.
    If it can help someone.

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    Re: Seat post plunger

    Quote Originally Posted by panhead51 View Post
    I found one but I can not buy it.
    If it can help someone.
    For $32, I wouldn't buy it either! You can usually find the entire assembly for around $100.
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