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Thread: XLCH magneto

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    Re: XLCH magneto

    Quote Originally Posted by indianut View Post
    I have his home phone. I think his stuff is still in FL, About 5 years ago he offered to train me and give me his stuff, but I am so electrically impaired I turned him down.
    He told me the same thing. Almost begged me to learn how to do it. I gave him your answer also. His next reply was " if i had a nickle for ever guy that said that . i could toss it all into the gulf of Mexico."

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    Re: XLCH magneto

    Is it best to remove the magneto or can it be cleaned serviced while installed in the bike, got a service manual and will get up to speed

    Quote Originally Posted by chibobber View Post
    First thing to do is take it apart and clean the crap out of it.Clean the corrosion off the magnets and armature.Put it back together and test it.Usually that's all they need.Sending to Morris Magneto is your best option if you need the magnets recharged or a new coil.

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    Re: XLCH magneto

    Best to pull it.Take it apart on the bench and the clean it up.

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    Re: XLCH magneto

    Ok thanks, thought that might have been the route to go

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