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  1. 1936 E Frame

    Hy,know i have my Projekt,what is the BEST to do Repairing or building a Chopper it was one,repairing with a REPOP HEAD i dont know ?IMG_0364.JPGIMG_0368.JPG

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    Re: 1936 E Frame

    Wasco Frame.
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    Re: 1936 E Frame

    Started some of my projects with less! Good start. Doc

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    Re: 1936 E Frame

    As bad as the steering head is, the rest of the frame looks to be unmolested, and in nice original condition. (Viewing on iPhone screen.)
    The neck is not something I even recognize, likely fabricated by someone. Finding an original early steering head will be a serious challenge, so I'd suggest a repair using an aftermarket replacement. The frame is worth the effort.
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