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Thread: Knucklehead Taillight For Trade

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    Re: Knucklehead Taillight For Trade

    There are also variations between side car, servicar and bike rear fender ones. The arch of the cover differs slightly so make sure it is one for a rear fender and not for a side car.


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    Re: Knucklehead Taillight For Trade

    Servicar taillamp is different,but sidecar is the same as rear fender...this was not servicar tailamp..The difference is the lower body has more metal on servicar

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    Re: Knucklehead Taillight For Trade

    Roger is correct but I have seen a lot of guys buy servicar ones and are surprised when they try to mount them and they don't fit. If you have both in your hand it is more obvious but just looking at stuff on a table or in a pile maybe not so much.


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    Re: Knucklehead Taillight For Trade

    Servi-car has a capital "G" stamped in the bottom of the housing.

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